Privacy Policy

Who we are

Denim is operated by Dornoom LP., a company registered in UK, Summit House 4-5 Mitchell street, Edinburgh EH6 7BD, company number 07540255 as of 02.07.2015.

Denim has assigned Data Protection Officer that can be reached by email:

The purpose of this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is to ensure compliance with the highest standards of Users data security, including but not limited to personal data, from unauthorized access by third parties.

The latest version of Policy is published online and available at. Administration reserves the right at any time to modify, alter or update the Policy without any User notification. The updated version of the Policy is effective immediately after approval by Denim. The User is considered to be notified about the Policy update immediately after its online publication at Denim website.

By signing up the Denim app, the User certifies (provides his/her written consent) that he/she has read, understood and accepted the Policy.

If the User disagrees with Policy modification, including but not limited to the changes in the names of the Services and/or the prices of the Services, he/she must stop using the Services immediately.

Denim Terms of Use

The Administration provides the User an access to the app and all the services, acts in good faith, honestly and reasonably, and implicitly implies that the user:

  • is eligible for sign up;
  • is of or over legal age;
  • provides reliable and sufficient personal data, including but not limited to city of residence;
  • understands and agrees that all the personal data provided can in part or in full be accessed, copied and distributed by other Users;
  • understands and agrees that certain personal data provided to other Users cannot be deleted;
  • understands and agrees that Denim provides communication platform only and under no circumstances is liable for both in-app and/or in-person Users interactions;
  • understands and agrees that the Administration reserves the right to limit and/or interrupt an access to the app and/or services for any Policy and/or User Agreement violations without giving any reason;
  • fully understands, agrees and accepts this Policy and associated rights and responsibilities.

Under no circumstances Denim Administration performs reliability verification of any data provided (collected), except the cases stated in User Agreement (profile verification with ID, mobile number and e-mail verification).

Data processed

Denim is a dating ecosystem for adults (persons over legal age). We provide all the services based on social networks operating principles and offer our Users to connect to our global community. By joining Denim, you enter an agreement with us and we process your data in order to provide you services under the terms of that agreement. You can only become a member of Denim or use its features if you are of legal age or over according to local laws.

To join Denim ecosystem you are required to fill out sign up form, where we may ask you to provide us with personal data, including but not limited to your name, email address, sex, date of birth, permanent address, marital status, ethnicity, dating purposes and others. The User has the right to provide any additional personal data, he/she considers essential for the potential partner, provided it to be in compliance with applicable local laws. The User has full control over his/her profile, including access to his/her profile, modification and/or update (except sex) of personal and contact information at any time.

The User is solely responsible for providing any sensitive personal information, including but not limited to religious preferences and health status, both directly (explicit statement) and indirectly (posting images and other media materials). By posting any sensitive personal data, the User gives a written consent on its processing by Denim and access by other Users.

We are committed to provide the best-ever dating experience with Users privacy and security being our top priorities. Thus, we require mandatory profile verification for all Users. By these means, we aim to eliminate fake accounts and bots, as well as increase the efficiency of partner matching, enhance cyber security and ensure fraud identification. As the part of these efforts, we collect and use your phone number in accordance with applicable local laws and our legitimate interests as stated above and for the prevention of fraud.

All users have access to paid services and additional paid features. To process the payment, the user is redirected to authorized third party page. The payment information is collected by the third party for payment processing only. Under no circumstances, Denim collects, stores, transfers or shares the payment information, in part or in full, with any third parties. Administration reserves the right to request payment information from the authorized third party, in part or in full, in case of charge disputes, in accordance with Policy, User Agreement and applicable local laws.

In order to keep updated with the latest promotions and offers, the User agrees (gives his/her written consent) on using his/her email and/or cell phone number for informational purposes at sign up. The consent can be withdrawn at any time in account settings.

Data collected in Denim app

We collect geolocation data of both app and website Users. This information is used for verification purposes and to ensure efficient matching with the search engine tool. By signing up, the User agrees (provides his/her written consent) on sharing geolocation data with other Users. Under no circumstances Denim shares geolocation data with any third parties.

The User has the right to disable geolocation sharing at device settings at any time.

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User data disclosure

User personal data include:

private data (not publicly disclosed): cell phone number, email, account verification confirmation (for girls accounts only). This data is required at sign up, for account verification, protection and retrieval. The User has the right to change private data, in part or in full, at any time;

publicly disclosed data: required at sign up (first name, last name, sex, city, goals, weight, height, etc; optional (education, interests, etc); media files (profile image, gallery photos, videos, etc);

other User data (processed by Denim): any optional data, including but not limited to device technical specs, cookies, data exchanged with the website (incl. host IP, OS, browser, geolocation, Internet provider, camera and microphone data), and further User activities at website. The User has the access to the site browsing history at Settings/Privacy.

By posting personal data in his/her profile, the User confirms that he/she fully understands, accepts and is aware of any risks that may arise from other Users access to this data.

Data retention period

If the account was blocked or deleted by Administration or deleted by User, the account information is stored for 180 days. During this period the User can request account recover at any time. As this period (180 days) has passed, the account information is automatically deleted. Identification information (cell phone number and email) is stored in encrypted form for additional 365 days to prevent repeated sign up.

If the User wants the personal data to be deleted faster (in less than 180 days), he/she should notify the Administration via email (from the address used at sign up only).

All the correspondence with technical support is stored for longer time (up to 6 years) and is primarily used for quick and easy resolving of any possible disputes.

Anonymised information about activity in Denim is stored for statistical and product research purposes, but is removed immediately once the profile has been deleted.

Data collected about under legal age Users

Denim does not knowingly collect any information about or market to children, minors or anyone under legal age. If we become aware that a child, minor or anyone under the legal age has signed up our app and/or website and provided us with personal data, we will immediately take action to terminate that person’s account and delete their Profile information. Any User attempted to or succeeded in Policy and/or User Agreement violation with respect to persons under legal age will be blacklisted. The Administration reserves the right take legal actions to investigate those violations in accordance with Policy, User Agreement and applicable local laws.

Sharing data with third parties

We share Users data with the following third-parties:

IT companies (hardware and software) providing services to support our products; cyber security companies (including but not limited to fraud and spam prevention) responsible for service protection from unlawful activities; moderators to monitor activity on the site/app and content approval; advertising partners, market places and providers of targeted advertising; government agencies upon request to ensure regulatory compliance with applicable local laws;

payment processing and telecommunications companies to facilitate payments for our premium services.

Denim is committed to ensure the highest standards of personal data privacy and security. While monitoring the activities of third parties in accordance with applicable local laws, we only share limited liability. However, in case of any violations of Policy, User Agreement and/or applicable local laws by any authorized third parties, Denim terminates all business contacts with those immediately.

In the event that Denim undergoes a business transition, change of ownership, including but not limited to merging, acquisition by another company, reorganization, sale of assets, in part or in full, bankruptcy, we may be required to disclose your personal data, in part or in full, in accordance with applicable local laws.

Your rights

Under UK and EU law, you have the right to file a complaint with data protection regulators. Denim has its headquarters in Russia and the Information Commissioner's’ Office (ICO) is our lead regulator. For more details on filing data privacy violations complaints, please contact us and visit ICO website ( If you are within the EU, you can also contact local Data Protection Regulator to act on your behalf.

Personal data protection

Denim is committed to ensure the highest standards of personal data privacy and security, including personal data leaks and losses prevention. While we take reasonable precautions against possible security breaches of our website, Users database and records, no website or internet transmission is completely secure and we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. We highly recommend our Users to take all possible actions to ensure personal data safety (including your password) and to log out of their account after each session. If the User loses his/her password or by any other means disclose it to any third parties, or in case other services providers experience data breach and the User have used the same credentials with that service provider as he/she have with Denim, his/her personal data may be compromised. If that happens, please contact our technical support immediately

Personal data storage location

We are committed to provide you with Denim access worldwide. We operate a global network of servers, but our main server is located in Germany. The hardware is located in third-party data centres leased by Denim. Data collected by advertising partners may also be held outside the European Economic Area. We ensure that the data is adequately protected and all the actions we take are in a strict regulatory compliance valid legal mechanisms and robust contractual standards.

Other personal data collection

If you contact our technical support, we will receive your email address, and may track your IP address, as well as any information you send to us to help resolving your issue. We will keep records of our communications with you, including any complaints that we receive from you about other Users (and from other Users about you) for 6 years after deletion of your account.

Personal data usage

We may use any data that you post in open access areas of Denim for advertising and promotions at our partners sites and in partners products. We believe these uses are in line with our legitimate interests in enabling us to improve our site and better tailor your dating experience.

We use your personal data to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce User Agreement and Policy.

Cookies usage

We collect information by placing cookies on your computer or mobile device A cookie is a piece of text stored on your computer or mobile device by your web browser. If is basically a tool that stores information about log history, recognises you and your preferences each time you login your Denim account, ensures site functionality and enables us to provide the services our Users request.

When you browse publicly available (open access) sections of Denim website and/or app, a session ID cookie is placed on your computer that only lasts while you are logged in. We also place persistent cookies (also known as local storage devices) on users computers, so that Denim remembers them and makes their login experience faster and easier. We may use persistent tracking cookies on your mobile device, mainly for security protection purposes, including but not limited to phishing, scamming and other unauthorized access attempts prevention, and to help you access your hacked account. We do not use any information whilst you are logged out.

You may set your browser and your mobile device settings to block cookies and local storage devices, but if you do so, you may not be able to access all the features that Denim offers.

Denim’s use of cookies and local storage devices basically falls into the following categories:

those that are strictly necessary to deliver the services and products you have requested ( for example, purchasing Premium Access);

cookies related to the performance of Denim site, such as analytics and ensuring smooth and trouble-free experience for our Users;

cookies related to the functionality of Denim site, such as remembering your preferences at login or your preferred language or allowing you to chat, add photos and instant messaging other Denim Users;

third parties cookies that link to other social networks and which you request via social plugins; and

cookies used for target advertising and its adjustments to increase relevance, to improve reporting on any advertising campaign and to avoid showing you ads you have already seen.

Denim uses cookies and local storage devices for verifying your identity, preferences analysis and online activities prediction, such chatting with new Users, sharing your content and purchasing Premium Access and others.

These cookies and local storage devices provide the functionality that our Denim Users enjoy, such as uploading photos, chats, instant messaging, account settings. We also use cookies to help providing other experiences, such as links to other social media sites, social plugins and video content, including making it easier for you to share content between Denim and your other favourite social networks.

In some cases, the site feature you choose may allow third parties to place cookies or local storage devices on your computer. The third parties that place cookies on your device are solely responsible for data processing and privacy, and Denim strongly recommends you read their privacy policies.

We use cookies and other devices to ensure Denim Users privacy and security. These cookies are used to protect Denim Users from spam and fraud and ensure personal data safety, when you purchase services and/or services in our app and/od website.

We may use persistent cookies for your mobile device identification and matching with existing Denim account. These types of cookies are also used to prevent spam, phishing, scamming, unauthorized account login attempts and other unlawful activities and accessing any hacked accounts.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 15, 2018.